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When it comes to helping children and young adults advance forward in their lives, Ideal School is one of the best education centres in Hyderabad. Making the decision to return to studying is a huge step, and we are here to support you however we can. Our wide range of courses offers something for everyone, from academic proficiencies and qualifications to servicing those who have decided to develop new practical or trades skills. Get in touch on 7330639659 today for details.

Our Educational Mission

We believe learning is something that all students are capable of, no matter their disposition or ability. As a result, we regularly examine our own methodology to ensure that our approach and tactics are up-to-date and comprehensive. We strive to ensure all of our students find learning easy and fun, and the positive feedback we’ve received from our past pupils helps us ensure that all our students will learn with ease and also have fun in the process.

Courses and Tutors

From accounting and ESL courses to computing, creative writing, health and social care and more, our wide range of courses offers something to every interest and pathway. Our teachers are hand-selected, not only because they are skilled and knowledgeable in their field, but because they understand the particular challenges and requirements adult learners need. If you are working full time or raising a family, you’ll appreciate the support and understanding our friendly and encouraging tutors can give.


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Anish Islam Anish Islam reviewed 5 stars for Rajnagar Ideal High School
Anish Islam Anish Islam
Nazrul Islam reviewed 5 stars for Rajnagar Ideal High School
Nazrul Islam
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